KB Precision Nail Clippers

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KB Precision Nail Clippers

‘Confidence in one hand, good tools in the other’

• Precision curved, classic shaped blades neatly clip and trim fingernails with ease.

• Curved edge to follow the shape of the natural nail.

• Made from medical grade surgical stainless steel for long lasting performance.

• Smooth handle specifically designed without knurling to avoid premature rusting.

• Store in the box or a tool case when not in use. Take care when opening and closing the box. Will blunt if dropped.

• Please take care when working with sharp implements and follow HSE guidelines.

We are passionate about the environment and helping to remove to use of unnecessarily single-use plastic packaging so hopefully you love our packing as much as we do and can store your tools inside or find a new use for this box. If not, our boxes are recyclable.

Recommended and tested disinfection solution: Barbicide® and Mundo Tool Disinfectant.

• Do not leave longer than Manufacturers recommended time in solution.

• Store them somewhere dry. Even the humidity from warm air can damage them, making them rust, discolour or pit. Ensure tools are thoroughly dried after sanitising, disinfecting or sterilising.

• If you are using a jar to disinfect your tools, you must protect the blade tips by placing a circle of cotton wool in the bottom of the jar.

• Safe and tested for sterilisation in hospital approved autoclave units.