LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION! 3 hour Workshop at Nail Camp

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LIGHTS CAMERA ACTION - taking your nail game to the next level 


3 hour hands-on workshop 


Do you struggle to take that “perfect shot” of your nails? Are you making TikTok’s and Instagram reels with nail content? Have you ever considered doing LIVE tutorials?

Would you like to learn how?? Then our class is for you!


In this class, you will learn to increase your reach with amazing content, which can increase your income and expose yourself to brands.


In this hand’s on workshop, you will learn:


  • How to take incredible pictures of your nail work, using just your phone.
  • How to shoot videos of your nails.
  • How to create live tutorials.
  • Basic video editing on your phone.
  • How to create Instagram reels and TikTok’s of your nails.
  • Tips and tricks with the algorithms.


Comes with a small gift.

Class price: 70$ USD
(You will be charged 90$ Canadian dollars which is equivalent to 70$ USD) 

The class instructors are Jotanna Rowland and Erin Brenhouse. This class is a Saturday workshop at Nail Camp in Texas.