KB Double-ended Cuticle Tool

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Katie Barnes Tool Range®

KB Double-ended Cuticle Tool

‘Confidence in one hand, good tools in the other’ 

Our KB Double-ended Cuticle Tool has been specifically designed and tested as part of the Katie Barnes tool range®. Designed as a double-ended manicure and pedicure cuticle tool to remove excess cuticle from the nail plate, helping prevent service breakdown whilst achieving a neater finish. The KB Double-ended Cuticle Tool is unique in the nail industry with unrivalled quality and sharpness and perfectly shaped to mirror the cuticle zone, offering the best result without damage which can be caused by blunt, thick or sharp cornered pushers.

  • Designed for pushing back cuticle growth on the nail plate with ease
  • Easy to hold handle with finger indentations offering smooth motion for precision
  • Fine, sharp, ends measuring 00.1mm to offer precise and perfect results without the need for excess pressure on the nail plate
  • Rounded corners to perfectly mirror the shape of the cuticle zone and avoid damage to client skin
  • Made from the finest surgical grade German stainless steel, passivated to help prevent premature rusting
  • Smooth handle specifically designed without knurling to avoid premature rusting
  • Suitable for both and left and right handed technicians
  • Tested by Nail Technicians for Nail Technicians

We hope you love our tools as much as we do so taking care of your tools in essential for longevity.  Follow our top tips to get the most from your tools: 

  • Only suitable for intended use.
  • Store in the box. May blunt or distort if dropped.  Please take care when working with sharp implements and follow HSE guidelines.

 We are passionate about the environment and helping to remove to use of unnecessarily plastic packaging so hopefully you love our packing as much as we do and can find a new use for this box.  If not, all of our tool range comes in recyclable cardboard packaging.

 Recommended and tested disinfection solution: Barbicide®and Mundo Tool Disinfectant. 

  • Do not leave longer than Manufacturers recommended time in solution.
  • When removed from the solution, dry thoroughly to avoid damage to the protective coating and potential rusting.
  • Whilst the tools are in this solution for the recommended time, place a circle of cotton wool at the bottom of the jar, to avoid blunting.
  • Safe and tested for sterilisation in hospital approved autoclave units.

These cuticle pushers meet international standards for bioburden, and sterility testing.  CE certified and meet international standards to provide confidence in both the quality and safety of the product.  CE marked in accordance with the Directive 93/42/EEC Quality assurance: medical devices. 

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*** Pre-order sale ends February 28th, 2021. All pre-orders from the Katie Barnes Tool Range will ship in early March.