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Check out our new GLO Pigment Powders, made with the only FDA approved glow-in-the-dark colorant for cosmetic products - Luminescent Zinc Sulfide. Safe for you, and safe for your clients! These are pure pigment powders (not mixed with acrylic powder) that glow.

*The white color is NEW and not included in the GLO set or GLO STACKER.

-mix into clear acrylic to make glow acrylic powder

*** MIX RATIO *** 3 parts clear acrylic powder, 1 part glo powder

-mix into hard gel to make glowing gel

-dust into wet gel polish to make nails glow

-use to emboss with our new stamping gel (coming in January of 2017) to make glowing shapes

Glo Powders are a heavy powder (meaning they don't fly into the air). They are matte in finish, similar looking to an acrylic powder.

Each Glo Powder comes in a 10g jar. If mixed with your favorite brand of clear acrylic powder, it will yield over 30 grams (that's over 1 ounce! That's A LOT!)

Glo Powder must be "charged" using natural or artificial light. Your nail lamp will charge the glow powder, but once your client leaves your shop, it can be charged with sunlight, or any artificial light. Once charged it will glow for 10+ minutes before having to be re-charged. (Just like the glow-in-the-dark stars we used to put on our bedroom ceilings)

Prices vary between colors due to the cost of the raw materials.