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Genuine Diamond Bits made from REAL diamond particles (as they should be).  Why is being genuine such a big deal?  When diamond bits are genuine, they last MUCH longer.  They are also hand crafted in the United States by Atwood with care.  These bits are perfectly concentric, and won't wibble wobble.

Diamond Bits can be used by left or right handed individuals.


Tapered Prep Bits are for use on the natural nail.  If you use these bits ONLY on the natural nail, and never on any product or gel polish, they should last you several YEARS.

Diamond Bits are meant to be used on a LOW speed, and work wonderfully with E-File Oil.  

Barrel Bits are used for smoothing your enhancements in a back and forth (right to left to right to left) motion.  Begin with the medium, and then switch to the fine.  Works on Acrylic, Gel, and Polygel.  

Barrel Bits work beautifully on low, are perfect with e-file oil, and should be replaced every 3-6 months depending on use.

Product Size:

3/32" shank.


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We do not accept returns on e-file bits.