Ceramic Barrel Bit

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These electric file bits pair perfectly with the Wildflowers Sculpt or Build System.

The white ceramic tips of these bits are rounded, creating a safer experience for you and your client.  The sides are perfectly straight, which helps you get nice clean and concise surfaces when shaping the nails.  

Comes in three finishes:

  • Black is Extra Course.
  • Green is Course.
  • Blue is Medium.  

These bits are suited for right-handed nail techs.  If you are lefty looking for bits, please see our Flame Bits.  


After removing the sticky surface from the nail, insert the bit into your electric file handpiece.  Make sure it's secure.  

Use this bit ONLY on nail enhancements - never on the natural nails or skin.  

For enhancements use this bit at 20-30k rotation.  To disinfect, first remove the debris using the Bit Cleaning Tool.  Then submerge in hospital grade disinfectant in your Bit Cleaning Pot for no more than ten minutes (always follow the manufacturer's instructions).  Store the disinfected bit in a closed Bit Case.  

Bits should be replaced every THREE MONTHS.  

Product Size:

3/32" shank.


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