Perfect Polka Dots

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  1. Polka-dots NEVER go out of style!  The "Perfect Polka-Dots" collection is here to make your life easier.  No more hoping and praying that your dotting tool creates a consistent dot.  Instead, with the same amount of effort, you can just place these perfect little circles down into wet gel polish, and even have the freedom to scoot them around to create perfect polka-dots!  

Having trouble knowing where the next dot goes?  Pick up Wildflower's stamping set, which has a nifty polka-dot guide that you can stamp directly onto the nail surface... then just place your polka dots right on the guide dots!  Genius!! :D

These dots are very thin, and come in either a pearlescent or holographic finish.  These each come in a collection of 12.  

Included is two stacker towers, and each jar contains 5 grams (so 12 colors total, 5 grams of each).  These will last you a LONG LONG time, unless you spill them :(  (Replacement pots may be available upon request).