KB PROtect

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KB PROtect acts like a base coat film adhesive sticker that can be used with any nail product forming a protective barrier between the product and the natural nail. These are perfect for practicing and to save constantly removing and for photoshoot work. 

Pack of 180

Click here to watch an instructional video tutorial.

 KB PROtect Step by Step

  1. Buff the natural nail to remove the shine.
  2. Choose KB PROtect to fit the nail (always oversize and not undersize, you can trim this - if you undersize and leave natural nail on show, when you apply product, it will stick to the natural nail and you won’t be able to remove the KB PROtect).

  3. Peel the cardboard backing from the KB PROtect.
  4. Apply to buffed natural nail, covering all edges.

  5. Rub firmly from centre to one side, then to the other side. 

  6. Peel sticky firm plastic off (the previous step will loosen this).

  7. Use your finger or an orange wood stick to smooth out any bumps.
  8. Use a nail file or scissors to trim to the free edge. If the client has a very short free edge or extended hyponychium, tuck this under the free edge to prevent product seeping underneath and creating difficulty with removal.
  9. Apply form and enhancement or nail product as usual. 

  10. If creating an extension, remove form, file into shape (you can also do this off the nail if you prefer).
  11. Use an orange wood stick to slide under the KB PROtect so this slips off without damaging the natural nail.
  12. Use blue tac to adhere to orange wood stick, nail tip display etc and decorate with your choice of art if you wish to decorate off the nail.
  13. If reapplying for a photoshoot, apply a new wrap as above, adhere the enhancement to this new wrap with a bead of acrylic or quick drying nail glue.

  14. Slide off again as before and you can keep the nails to display.