KB Tool Range® Starter Nail Kit

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Katie Barnes Tool Range®

KB Tool Range® Starter Nail Kit

‘Confidence in one hand, good tools in the other’

A comprehensive full manicure & pedicure kit including all the original tools in the Katie Barnes Tool Range®.


1 x KB Curved Form Tailoring Scissors®

1 x KB Straight Form Tailoring Scissors®

1 x White Gel Pen 

1 x KB Curved Cuticle Scissors

1 x KB Straight Cuticle Scissors

1 x KB Thickness Measuring Tool

1 x KB Aluminium Form Support

1 x KB C-Curve Pinching Clip

1 x KB Double-ended Cuticle Pusher 

1 x KB 4-in-1 C-Curve Tool Set

1 x KB Trio File Kit

1 x Window Decal

1 x complimentary sharpening service (1 tool)


If you are collecting your Katie Barnes Full Tool Range® products tool by tool, then our Full Tool Range Box is available for you to purchase to fill as you buy or when you've collected the whole range: https://www.katiebarnesacademy.com/ourshop/prod_7343271-KB-Full-Tool-Range-Kit-Box.html

We are passionate about the environment and helping to remove to use of unnecessarily plastic packaging so hopefully you love our packing as much as we do and can find a new use for these boxes.  If not, all of our tool range comes in recyclable cardboard packaging.

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