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Struggle with flimsy forms (or ALL forms lol)? You HAVE to try these! We are SO EXCITED about our NEW nail forms - designed by Lauren Wireman.

First, they are double thick for maximum stability. They are SUPER sticky so they stay closed (for clear forms, only apply to a few fingers at a time at most). There are two tabs underneath the forms to lock them into place snug around the finger. There is a relief area built in for chubby fingers - AND for a custom fit, the relief cut lines are color coded - that way if you want to spin the form around to cut, you don't forget which lines to cut.

These forms have guidelines for square / coffin and almond shape nails. They are available in CLEAR (for gel and polygel hybrids), and PAPER for all applications.

Gently peel the form from the backing paper from the bottom towards the finger insert (as to not tear the relief areas on the paper forms).

Pre-fit the form just under the free edge of the natural nail. Remove any corners from the free edge of the nails by filing them away. Note where the colored lines line up with the lateral edges of the nails. If necessary for a snug fit, snip along the colored lines.

Apply the form by sliding the lined area up under the free edge of the natural nail. Tilt up or down depending on the nail shape you are sculpting. Close the bottom tabs, and secure the back and sides of the form. Forms should be applied to only a few fingers at a time (especially the clear forms).

After sculpting, pop the form away from the enhancement by pinching directly under the sculpted area. Then gently pull down on the form to remove.

Product Size:
This is a roll of 500 forms!

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Wildflowers Salon Shapes Nail Forms are for cosmetic use, and therefore returns are NOT accepted on this product.