Master Artist Week Canada 2023 July 3-7

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Master Artist Week will be held at the HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS & SUITES VAUDREUIL - DORION. (Conference room) in the suburbs of Montreal Québec, Canada .

Experience all of Wildflowers Master Artist Classes all in 5 days while being just a short 40 minute drive to downtown Montreal and the Old Port. 


Portfolio Builder Workshop

One-Stroke Art Workshop

Gel Stamping Art Workshop

Elevated Art Workshop

Detail Art Workshop

Trend Art Workshop

Dimension Art Workshop

Fluid Art Workshop

Includes a large kit of goodies! 

Pricing Options:

PAY IN FULL     $1,500 CANADIAN DOLLARS (taxes included)

DEPOSIT #1   $750$ CANADIAN DOLLARS (taxes included)

DEPOSIT #2   $750 CANADIAN DOLLARS (Deposit #2 is due May 31, 2023) (taxes included)



Erin Brenhouse 

Your purchase includes the following:

Monday 3/07/23

Portfolio Builder Class 9am - 4pm

Tuesday 4/07/23

Elevated Art Class 9am - 12pm

Detail Art Class 1pm - 4pm

Wednesday 5/07/23

Dimension Art 9am - 12pm

afternoon off! 

Thursday 6/07/23

One Stroke Art 9am-12pm 

Fluid Art 1pm - 4pm

Friday 7/07/23

Trend Art 9am-12pm

Gel Stamping Art 1pm-4pm

4 PM Closing Reception, awards, and certificates

Tickets are non-refundable.  

We have established a private Facebook Group for those attending this event to be able to connect and make plans surrounding this event.  

What to Expect: 

Wildflowers Master Artist Week Canada July 2023 will be held at the Holiday Inn Express & Suites Vaudreuil in their conference room.  Be sure to bring a sweater or fan, depending on your personal needs.  We try to set the temperature at a comfortable temperature, but we can not guarantee to please everyone. You can leave your things set up for the week.   

We ask that you do not record any portion of the class without permission.  We also ask that you do not bring any pets, friends, hand models, children, teens, husbands, translators, photographers, etc to class.  Your ticket for the class is solely for yourself, and we do not have extra room to accommodate extras.  

The classes will be taught in English but instruction will be supplemented with French if needed. 

The closest airports are:

Montreal (25 minutes)

Ottawa (2 hrs)

Plattsburg NY (1.5 hrs plus boarder crossing)


We will have class only in the morning on the middle day, when you can choose to relax or sightsee gorgeous and historical Montreal!