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Katie Barnes Tool Range®

Katie Barnes Curved Cuticle Scissors 

‘Confidence in one hand, good tools in the other’

Using regular handled scissors can prove fiddly, therefore our flex handle scissors have been specifically sourced and tested as part of the Katie Barnes tool range®. Designed to remove hangnails and cuticle replacing outdated nippers which can be bulky and prone to causing damage. These scissors are unique in the nail industry with unrivalled blade sharpness to offer the perfect result.  

  • Designed for cutting hang nails and cuticle work
  • Curved blade follows the shape of the cuticle area
  • Easy to hold handle offering smooth motion for exact cutting 
  • Fine, sharp, and shaped blades to offer precise and perfect cuts without tearing 
  • Made from surgical grade Japanese stainless steel, chromium plated to help prevent premature rusting
  • Suitable for both and left and right handed technicians
  • Tested by Nail Technicians for Nail Technicians

Our customers have noticed a significant improvement in the discomfort from issues such as RSI; Carpel Tunnel Syndrome and Arthritis.

For our FAQ on our tool range click here.

We often get asked when to use each of these blades on our scissors.

Simply put, curved cut curved lines and straight cut straight lines.

There is also a matter of personal preference and results wanted to achieve but these are our recommendations:

The curved blades have the sharpest point facing upwards allowing you to follow the natural contours of the cuticle zone to remove cuticle and hangnails without worrying about damaging the surrounding or the underlying skin. When tailoring forms with the curved blade it allows you to follow the natural contours and shape of the nails free edge which is curved. This saves time versus trying to achieve curves using straight scissors.  The curved blades are ideal for making controlled cuts because they can be closed without the user needing to worry about accidentally cutting surrounding tissue.

Straight scissors are required to achieve a straight line such as when wishing to cut nail art items or relief cuts that are required to be straight to get the perfect form closure. They leave a smoother outline and finish.

Let our customers tell you what they think

"I have Arthritis and these are light and easy to manipulate and hold".

"I used to struggle a lot with cutting forms, etc as my thumb actually is totally numb from [Carpel Tunnel Syndrome] and I can’t feel anything, especially a fiddly cut - but no issues now- this why I love your tools as they totally don’t need any effort using and it also has improved my work so it hasn’t just been good in a health way also I’m achieving better looking results now".

"These tools are amazing, they have helped the pain from my RSI as they are so light and easy to use. The quality is amazing".

We hope you love our tools as much as we do so taking care of your tools in essential for longevity.  Follow our top tips to get the most from your tools: 

  • Only suitable for intended use.
  • Never cut living tissue.
  • Use different pairs for form tailoring & cuticle work as cutting paper will blunt blades.
  • Store in the box.  Blades will blunt if dropped.  Please take care when working with sharp implements and follow HSE guidelines.

  We are passionate about the environment and helping to remove to use of unnecessarily plastic packaging so hopefully you love our packing as much as we do and can find a new use for this box.  If not, all of our tool range comes in recyclable cardboard packaging.

 Recommended and tested disinfection solution: Barbacide®and Mundo Tool Disinfectant. 

  • Do not leave longer than Manufacturers recommended time in solution.
  • When removed from the solution, dry thoroughly to avoid damage to the protective coating and potential rusting.
  • Whilst the blades are in this solution for the recommended time, place a circle of cotton wool at the bottom of the jar, to avoid blunting.
  • Wipe the blades with this solution or a disinfectant wipe occasionally to prevent a sticky build-up of glue from the forms.
  • Safe and tested for sterilisation in hospital approved autoclave units.

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*** Pre-order pricing available until February 28th, 2021. 
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